Bryce DeCora
Not sure why this company has any negative reviews. They caught an issue with another pool company’s work and we worked together to get it corrected. Now this company is also doing my pool cleanings
Clairee D.
I cannot recommend this company highly enough! Their service is reliable, they patiently answer all my naive questions, and when my home warranty company refused to cover a repair R & R was able to repair the issue for ONE THIRD the price of the home warranty vendor! I will forever be grateful for their help when, my old pool company left some chemicals on the side of my house and I accidentally spilled a jug which i couldn't identify. I called poison control and they weren't sure what I should do, since I didn't know what was in the jug. I called R & R and within 2 minutes I was on the phone with the service manager, Henry, and he was explaining to me how to neutralize the acid, what health risks to be aware of, and offered to drive across town to help me clean it up because I was so nervous!
Vicki S.
I have used R & R for 9.5 years since I bought my home. My pool is always sparkling clean with their weekly service! I am also a Realtor and have used them (Scott) for pool inspections from time to time when there is a questionable pool issue during the inspection period. I have recommended them to others for pool service. I have not reason to give them anything other than 5 stars!
Patricia B.
R&R Everclear has done an amazing job! We were having issues with our pool and our prior pool company kept charging us for repairs and each time promised it would fix the issues but nothing ever worked. At their urging we replaced the pump, replumbed everything, and then they were recommending we replace the skimmer. We were frustrated with our old company and a friend referred us to R&R Everclear. Through the entire process the entire staff ( thanks Henry and Penny) at R&R Everclear have been extremely responsive and helpful. They discovered our issues were due to a blockage in the line and were able to easily get our pool up and running. The pool has never been so clean or worked so well. We have since fired our old pool company and are using R&R Everclear for all of our pool service and repairs.
Tony mack
Bret is very knowledgeable about all pool systems. He replaced my pump & motor recently. I couldn't be happier with the install, equipment and charge was very reasonable. I'm pleased to have Bret as my go to pool guy!
Scott Reynolds
I have used many pool cleaning companies over the years and I finally found the best in the Valley. R&R really cares about its customers and does a great job at keeping the pool clean. Highly recommended.
Claudine Lippert
R & R Everclear Pool Service & Repair has taken care of my pool for the last four years. They are honest and dependable. Whether I am here or thousands of miles from here, I need not worry about the pool. My pool maintenance guy is here promptly once a week. If a problem is detected, the service and repair department checks it and lets me know what's going on and needs to be done. Their knowledge and dependability have saved me money and worry.